Wulai Aboriginal Village Tour

Price: 45 USD


  • Swallow Lake (pass by)
  • Push-car Ride
  • Wulai Waterfall
  • Chieftain Statue
  • Aborigine Fold Dance Show

The four hour tour leaves every afternoon between 1 and 2 pm. You will be picked up in your hotel in Taipei City.

Wulai is one of the famous mountain villages in northern part of Taiwan. Most residents are indigenous people of the Tai Ya Tribe. There are many high mountains along the different creeks like Nanshi Tunho. The amazing landscape consists by various high mountains and rivers. It is a famous place because it has several waterfalls, traintrails, hotsprings and it´s amusement park. Wulai is a term used by Tai Ya Tribe some hot spring (hot spring) means. The hot springs are colorless and clear. A hot spring spa will be effective in curing if you have dermatitis.

The famous Wulai Waterfall is not too far away to walk. It takes you there in about 30 minutes. The waterfall is about 75/85 meters high. It is a beautiful waterfall as a white silk cloth falls down. Moreover, the sightseeing train part of the uniqueness of Wulai. This train was used to transport timber. Today it will only be used as a tourist attraction.

Across the waterfall there is a museum of indigenous folk art. The culture and habits is introduced by the Tai Ya Tribe. The highlight of the visit is the song and dance show of the aborigines.