Chiufen Village and Northeast Coast tour

Price: 38 USD


  • Chiufen Village
  • Chinkuashih Village (pass by)
  • Pitou Cape
  • Nanya Rock Formations
  • Bay of Two Colors

The four hour tour leaves every afternoon between 1 and 2 pm. You will be picked up in your hotel in Taipei City.

Chiufen is a village that once was center of gold mining. There is no gold anymore in that area but there are different old villages. The houses are built closely together on steep mountains. It gives you a great scenery and fascinating look at the lifestyle of the past.

Then we arrive at the northeastern coast National Scenic Area, located in the northeastern corner of Taiwan. The nature reserve is famous for its numerous bays, “Pitou Cape” and “Bay of Two Colors” surrounded by green mountains.

In the northern part of Taiwan there is a picturesque area called Nanya. It is known for its amazing rock formations and coral along the coast. The entire coastline is like a real sculpture, illustrating that in stone, the incomparable artistry and waves. The unique patterned stone topography of this area was formed by the climate along the coast. The oxidation of iron gives a fine striped pattern.