Taroko Gorge National Park and Sun Moon Lake

Price: 499 USD


  • Cingshuei Cliff
  • Taroko Gorge (Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow Grotto, Tunnel of nine turns)
  • Overnight in Taroko Gorge
  • Cingjing Farm
  • Sun Moon Lake (Wen Wu Temple, Tehua Village, Tse-En Pagoda and Holy Monk Shrine)
  • Overnight in Sun Moon Lake
  • Puli, papery workshop
  • Chung Tai Buddhist Monastery

This three day tour leaves Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed between 8 and 9 am. You will be picked up in your hotel in Taipei City.

The “Eternal Spring Shrine is one of the most famous sights in Taroko Gorge National Park. It commemorates the veterans who were deceased during the construction of the road in the park during 1956-1960. The ‘Swallow Caves “are composed of marble cliffs covered with small holes which is caused by erosion of the soil and river water. A winding trail carved by the river and has created a gap of many curves. This is called the “Tunnel of nine turns was appointed. A walk of half hour in this tunnel will give you truly beautiful views and is one of the most beautiful parts of the gorge.

The next morning we cross the island to Cingjing farm and eventually Sun Moon Lake. Sun Moon Lake, located in central Taiwan, with a height of 748 meters above sea level, is the only natural lake in Taiwan. The southern part of Kuang Hua Island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like a sun, hence the name Sun Moon Lake. The most famous sights around Sun Moon Lake, the Te Hua House, Kuang Hua Island, the Hsuan Tsang Mosque, the Tzu-En Pagoda, and the Wen Wu Temple and so on. The natural forests bordering these roads are good places for birdwatching.
The Shao Clan is the earliest clan that lived in the Sun Moon Lake region. The Harvest Festival, Sowing Festival and their special handicraft fair every year has contributed to the special culture of the Sun Moon Lake and the area preserved.

We will Wen Wu Temple and Tse-En Pagoda built by Chiang Kai-shek in the name of his mother’s visits. The pagoda is 46 meters high and has become the most famous landmark of Sun Moon Lake in 1971.

The third day we go to Puli. Puli is located in the middle of Taiwan with a height between 380 and 700 meters. Puli is surrounded by steep mountains, hills and fields. The most famous tourist sites include the Puli Brewery, Guangzhou Hing Paper Factory Chung Tai Chan and the monastery. There are also special products such as wild rice stalks, passion fruit, red sugar cane, rice noodles, and wine Shaushing.

Before we go back to visit Taipei Chung Tai Buddhist Monastery. This is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in Taiwan. It is a masterpiece. The temple is the second largest monastery after Foguanshan. The Chung Tai Chan Monastery now has more than 90 meditation centers and offices in Taiwan and abroad.