3 Day Tours

Sun Moon Lake and Alishan

Puli is located in the middle of Taiwan. With a height between 380 and 700 meters, Puli is surrounded by the rising and falling mountains, hills and fields. The most famous tourist sites include the Puli Brewery, Guangzhou Hing Paper Factory Chung Tai Chan and the monastery. There are also special products such as wild rice stalks, passion fruit, red sugar cane, rice noodles, and wine Shaushing.

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Taroko Gorge National Park and Sun Moon Lake

The “Eternal Spring Shrine is one of the most famous sights in Taroko Gorge National Park. It commemorates the veterans who were deceased during the construction of the road in the park during 1956-1960. The ‘Swallow Caves “are composed of marble cliffs covered with small holes which is caused by erosion of the soil and river water.

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