Sun Moon Lake, Puli and Lukang

Price: 207 USD


  • Puli, cultural and artistic heaven
  • Sun Moon Lake (Wen Wu Temple, Tehua Village, Tse-En Pagoda and Holy Monk Shrine)
  • Hotel Del Lago, Sun Moon Lake
  • Lukang, historical and cultural town

This two day tour leaves Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu between 8 and 9 am. Other days +75 USD and you will stay in Debao Hotel, Taichung. You will be picked up in your hotel in Taipei City.

Sun Moon Lake is in the middle of Taiwan, with a height of almost 750 meters above sea level. It is the only natural lake in Taiwan. It is called Sun Moon Lake because there is a small island shaped like it. One part of it is like a moon and the other part is like a sun. There are numerous beautiful sights around lake. The ones that we are going to visit are the village of Tehua, Wen Wu Temple, Tse-En Pagoda, and Holy Monk Shrine. The forests around the lake is a good places for birdwatching.

WenWu Temple is located in the north of Sun Moon Lake at one of the mountains. It was built in 1938. People were worried and the Temple Lungfung Ihuatang of Shuishotsun would face under water. That’s why they rebuilt the Wenwu Temple thirty years later. The Wen Wu Temple is actually 2 (Lungfung Ihuatang and Temple) in 1. The port is facing the north. People pray to the Civil Saint of Confucius, the Military Saint of Kuankung, and established two temples of God on the Wen Wu Temple.

Tse-En Pagoda is located at another mountain higher up. It was built by Chiang Kai-shek 40 years ago in the name of his mother. The Tse-En Pagoda is just under 50 meters high and has become the most famous sights of Sun Moon Lake. Around the tower are beautiful plants and trees and there are different places to rest after a short climb. From the Tse-En Pagoda you will have a great view of Sun Moon Lake but also Lalu island. Tse-En Pagoda is an octagonal building painted in white, red and gold. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sun Moon Lake at the Tse-En Pagoda. The tourist route to the Pagoda is 700 meters long.

Puli is close to Sun Moon Lake. A bit lower though but still between 380 and 700 meters height. Puli is surrounded by the rising and of course falling mountains, fields and hills. The famous tourist attractions the Puli Brewery, a Paper Factory and a Buddhism monastery. There are also special products such as wild rice stalks, red sugar cane, passion fruit, rice noodles, and wine Shaushing.

Lukang is located on the westcoast of Taiwan. The most interesting thing of Lukang a number of old streets and alleys with old houses. The most unique are the deep, narrow buildings that serve as shops and homes. The ancient temples of Lukang are real collections of art and masterpieces of architecture. They are worth a careful observation.

Artisan Shops Chungshan Road has the sedans for the gods. You can see how the chairs that transport the deities are made with careful woodworking techniques and skills. Makers of traditional wooden furniture still make use of the materials and refined craftsmanship of earlier times.

The old Market Street is composed of the curved red tiles on the streets Putou, Yaolin and Tayu. Both sides of the streets are lined with recently renovated old style buildings with interesting spaces and old style of the exteriors. Here you will find the atmosphere of old Lukang.