Zen Meditation, Yehliu and Chiufen Village tour

Price: 99 USD


  • Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhism Monastery (include lunch)
  • Yehliu Park
  • Chiufen Village

The 11-hour tour leaves Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri between 8 and 9 am. There will be a hotel pick up and drop off in Taipei City.

Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Monastery was developed from the Nung Chan Monastery and the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist culture, both of which were founded by Rev. Dongchu. The Nung Chan Monastery was founded in 1975. The first residents campaigned for the practice of Chan and they grew their own food (hence the name, “Nung” that “to farm” means).

Discover the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area, located in the northeast corner of Taiwan, and see enchanting scenery and fascinating look at the lifestyle of the past. Yehliu Park is known for its spectacular rock formations, carved by the centuries by wind and sea erosion and fascinating formations, including the renowned Queen’s Head and Fairy’s Shoe.
Chiufen Rueifan located in Town, Taipei County, Chiufen was the center of gold mining in Taiwan. With a unique location and landscape, a picturesque spot, surrounded by mountains Chiufen and has sea views. When the gold mining industry ended, Chiufen was a quiet environment for the emergence of tourism in Chuifen. It is now one of the must-see attractions.

Chiufen features historic sites of ancient Japanese style, a lively street abundant local snacks and traditional stores offer. Famous Chiufen snacks are sweet taro balls made ​​from tapioca starch and taro and rice cakes with Chinese herbs.