Taroko Gorge National Park Hualien

Price: 169 USD


  • Taroko Gorge Gateway
  • Eternal Spring Shrine
  • Swallow Caves
  • Tunnel of Nine Turns
  • Tienhsiang Lodge (include lunch)
  • Marble Factory
  • Chi Hsing Beach
  • Hualien Stone Sculpture Park

This full daytour leaves every day. There will be a hotel pick up and drop off in Taipei City.

You will be picked up at your hotel in Taipei City and enplane for Hualien.

Taroko Gorge became a national park 25 years ago and is one of the largest parks in Taiwan. It is known for its dramatic mountains and marble valley. Million years of wind erosion, the marble rocks exposed and formed by the river that flows through it. The height of drop is less than 3742 meters. All the formations that have arisen has also made beautiful flora and fauna in the area. The Taroko National Park waterfalls give a special character whose Pai Yang and Chang Chun is one of the best known. The Changchun Temple is to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the construction of the central road that runs through the park.
The ‘Eternal Spring Shrine’ is a famous sight in the national park and there is a beautiful trail. The ‘Swallow Caves’ are composed of marble cliffs which is caused by prolonged erosion of the soil and river water. A winding trail carved by the river has created a gap of many curves. This is called the “Tunnel of nine turns was appointed. A walk of half hour in this tunnel will give you truly beautiful views and is as well an unbelievable part of the taroko gorge. At the site of an old Atayal village is Tienhsiang Lodge. There are several attractions including the Temple Siangde, a suspension bridge and the Tianfong Pagoda.

In the north of Hualien you have Chi Hsing Bay. The beach is largely untouched and provides a spectacular view of mountains. It’s a nice place to relax and have a pick-nick. There is a large teahouse overlooking the sea.